Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reflection on When The Levees Broke

Watching When The Levees Broke for the second time was harder to watch than the first time I watched it. It made me angry the first time, but I was even more angry the second time. I can’t believe that the people had to go through that and they were called refugees of all things. Our government were calling these people that were going through so much, something that they were so far from being. They really should have been calling them brave and heroic. The thing that bothers me the most is that our president should have gone to help right away, but it took him two weeks to do anything. That’s our president who is supposed to have the peoples best interests in hand.
Watching this after being there is so hard. I met a few of the people that lost everything including their loved ones and after all of the things they saw and still see around them everyday, they still have faith and love. These people want to rebuild their homes and lives and they can’t.
In Act 2 there was a shot of a United State of America Canvas on a fence. When I saw that tears came to my eyes because I took a picture of that when I was there and it was in my essay. That fence was in the lower 9th word behind and next to houses that were damaged and left behind. I hope that going back I can continue on trying to show people things still need to be done and now after Gustav they need food, water, and power once again.

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