Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Essay on American Experience

Essay on American Experience: New Orleans Ch. 10

When I was watching the video I knew I wanted to do this essay on chapter 10 because it was about how after hurricane Katrina New Orleans decided to pick up the pieces and plan to have Mardi Gras despite the fact that the city was no ware near recovery. A lot of people wondered why they would still go through with Mardi Gras that year. Some people thought they should not let Katrina take away another thing from the city and others thought people wouldn’t come for the festival.
New Orleans is surrounded by water, but full of music, culture, food, and parties. The people that truly new what New Orleans was all about they understood why after so much devastation and loss, they would still have the biggest party of the year. People in New Orleans said, “What we do is have a good meal and go dance.” And that is exactly what they do. When the time came for Mardi Gras people needed a party and celebration to keep their sanity.
From personal experience I found that the city was very much full of life. Even thought it is still struggling to make a come back it’s full of music, culture, and fun times. I felt like there was this music ghost following you around. You would be in the car and there was jazz on just about every channel, walking by a house people were sitting out side with music in the background. I find it very interesting and poetic that a city with such loss can still kick up there feet to some good food and music.

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